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SNG Research has made client satisfaction its top priority and has earned a reputation for providing:

  • High quality research
  • Personal Service
  • Affordable pricing

Dedicated, Experienced Market Research Professionals


SNG Research provides full-service, customized market and survey research to clients in the public and private sectors.  SNG Research's staff is experienced in study design, project management and data analysis.  We have designed and managed studies for a diverse group of clients and apply this depth and range of experience to each and every project.

“SNG Research is a joy to work with. They are extremely responsive and have never missed a deadline. Holly does a great job of making recommendations to us and helping us get the information we need to make business decisions. They are a great partner that we know we can trust to execute on complex research projects.” 

Amy Schroepfer
Senior Marketing Operations Specialist

Featured Client Testimonials


“Our experiences with SNG Research have been superb. The SNG Research team is competent, professional, timely and competitive. We have repeated projects with SNG Research and would not hesitate to do so again. They are expert in conducting research, and just as important, they are excellent in explaining and interpreting results to make the data immediately useful. Moreover, Holly and her team are an absolute delight to work with.” 

John Vitek
President & CEO

“SNG Research has been a strategic partner with our team for several years.  They have a solid reputation for delivering research on-time and within budget.  SNG Research has great attention to detail.  Kim and Jana have been great partners helping us shape strategic initiatives and then delivering on the work.  As a bonus, they are also extremely cost competitive.” 

Rocky Shook
Market Research & Insights Manager