at sng research, we're really good at what we do!


That said, we're also really good at recognizing and making it clear to others what we don't do!

For research-related services that we don't offer internally, like online panel management, we work hard to find a really good partner so that we can offer our clients the services they need and still deliver the accurate, reliable results they expect from SNG Research.

For projects requiring an online panel, SNG Research is proud to partner with Dynata.  Here are a few reasons why Dynata is our online panel partner of choice:

  • Global reach of 60 million people
  • Library of 2,700 profile attributes collected directly from the individuals
  • Used solely for market research
  • Careful screening of authenticity and legitimacy
  • Complies with the guidelines set by all major market research bodies 
  • Compliant with all national laws
  • High participation, answering and completion rates

featured partner

telephone interviewing

SNG Research, located in Rochester, Minnesota offers completely internalized telephone data collection capabilities:

  • 20 telephone interviewing stations, all CATI-equipped
  • Staff of fully-trained market research interviewers
  • Direct supervision and real-time monitoring
complete range of research services


Because we offer a complete range of research services, you can trust SNG Research to objectively recommend the data collection technique best suited to your particular information needs, your budget and your scheduling requirements.  

Some of the types of projects SNG Research has conducted include: 

services list

Featured In-House Services

Services Overview

  • Community surveys

  • Healthcare market assessments

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Exploratory qualitative research

  • Market share/image (AAU) studies

Project Management

In the paragraph to the left we mentioned that at SNG Research, we’re really good at what we do.  We’re not just tooting our own horn!  Our clients tell us over and over again how effective and efficient we are at managing their projects.  We excel at keeping our clients and their internal teams on track to on-time, on-budget project completion.  We are so good that they even contract with us at times for project management alone.   If you are short staffed or don’t have the right person to manage your next project, contact SNG Research to talk through how we might be able to help!

  • Concept/product testing

  • Brand/product performance surveys

  • B2B studies

  • Consumer studies

  • Market research consulting

  • Telephone interviews

  • Web-based surveys

  • Mail surveys

  • In-depth, one-on-one interviews

  • Central location intercepts​

  • Market research consulting

  • Project management