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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get my phone number or email address?

Contact information for our respondents is acquired in a variety of ways. Often we purchase a list of random telephone numbers or email addresses from companies that specialize in serving the market research industry, or work with an online panel provider to survey their panelists. Sometimes our clients will provide us with a list of customers or members that they would like to hear from. Regardless of the source, protecting your personal information is of paramount importance and we take extensive measures to ensure privacy and security (see more under the Security tab). 

Why won’t you tell me who you are conducting the research for?

It is important that we get open and honest feedback and reactions to our survey questions, and sometimes knowing who the survey sponsor is may impact how a respondent answers. So, to minimize bias, for some surveys the client is not identified up front. 

Why do you need personal information?

In market research we often look at our data from many angles, for instance, do younger people feel differently than older people, or do women feel differently than men? Gathering some demographic information about our respondents allows us to break the information into sub-groups and make these types of comparisons. You can trust that SNG Research will keep your personal information completely confidential and it will be used exclusively for research purposes.

What do you do with my answers?

Your answers are combined with the responses from everyone else who participates in the survey (typically hundreds of people) and those aggregated responses are analyzed and summarized to provide the information our clients are looking for to help them make important business decisions.  

Why didn’t I qualify for the study?

The goals and objectives are different for each survey. Sometimes our clients are interested in hearing from specific types of respondents and in those cases we ask questions up front to make sure we’re representing the market they are looking for. 

Do you keep a database of interested participants?

At this time we do not have a proprietary database. However, we sure appreciate your participation if you are contacted by us (or by any other market research firms)! Your opinion matters!

Your Opinion Matters

Have you been contacted by SNG Research?

SNG Research conducts market research on behalf of businesses and organizations to help them make decisions about the products and services they offer. Confidentiality is paramount; the information you provide will be used exclusively for research purposes and your responses will be presented only as a group total, not individually. Your insights are taken seriously and valued by our clients. 

Read our Market Research Participant Privacy Policy here.

We are not a telemarketing company, we are a market research firm. As a market research company, the telephone calls we make and online surveys we conduct are not prohibited or regulated by the Federal Trade Commission as telemarketing companies are. Our aim is to have you participate in our survey to share your opinions and perspectives, not to sell you anything. A typical telephone survey takes about 15 minutes or less, and we are always willing to call back at a time that better fits your schedule.

All this said, if you receive a call from SNG Research and don’t want to be contacted in the future, just let us know. Or if you received an online survey, there is an option to unsubscribe. Your request will be implemented immediately. We’d really like to hear your unique perspective and have your voice be heard, but we respect your preferences!